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Global Spiritual Warfare, Nations Sending Demons, and the Coming Revival - 5/13/2023

In today's prayer session God was merciful to let me experience the spiritual effects of prayer. All I can say is never go a day without talking to Jesus Christ.

This all started why I was feeling extremely heavy during prayer (usually the result of heavy spiritual warfare). I rebuked demonic spirits for a while and still nothing. A bit frustrated, I asked the Lord, "why am I feeling so oppressed and heavy?" The Lord gave me the following vision.

I saw a wide open space and a gong be being rung on a mound. When the gong would ring out, I saw a multitude of demons flocking to it. I heard a voice say "Hong Kong, 6pm". I asked the Lord, "What about a gong ringing would bring oppression?" Then I received another vision and I began to see a wider view of the first vision.

I was able to see the gong, but could now see an Asian man wearing an orange robe ringing the gong. As he rung the gong, millions of demons were sent into the air like a volcanic eruption. I received a word of knowledge that these demons were given assignments to oppress on a global scale. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, I said, "I rebuke all oppression off me sent from the ringing of a gong in the name of Jesus Christ." All at once I felt a freeing and lifting.

In amazement, I took a break from prayer and searched the web. I found gongs are ceremonially rang from 6pm to midnight, which is 3am PST time (around the time I was in prayer!). Hong Kong is in China and they literally state they ring the gong to summon spirits! One of the first results in my google search was from the churchofsatan urging it's lost members to ring their gongs!

The Lord led me to rebuke this attack, pray for God to execute judgment over the land, as well as command judgment over the principalities. Lastly God prompted me to command spiritual darkness over the people ringing the gongs to shut down their access into the spiritual world. As I was praying this, I was led by the Holy Spirit to declare Psalm 148 & 149 over the region.

I prayed for global deliverance over my brothers and sisters effected by this attack, and declared Psalm 35 & 52 over them. As I wrapped up this prayer I was curious what this judgment looked like in the spirit, so I asked Jesus to show me the spiritual effects of what I prayed for.

Abruptly, I saw a volcano erupt in the Hong Kong region and demons fleeing away from it in swarms. This volcano was spewing out lava and fire. I then saw the whole horizon get taken up by an angel the size of the sky. He was massive, equipped with the attire of a solider and had a stone cold look on his face. He open his wings and a hail of of swords rained down from the sky into the land. I saw these swords pierce through devils and strike through the men ringing the gongs. I then saw the angel pull the sky closed like a window blind and a covering of darkness went over the region.

I saw the angel ascend above the upper atmosphere and he hovered above China in outer space. In outer space I could see the earth as though I was looking at it from the moon. I saw several angels the size of continents flying over regions of earth, like angelic satalites sprinkling the heaven outside of earth. If I had to guess there was no more than 25 angels similar to the one I saw over the whole earth.

My vision was then taken back down to earth where I could see a vast land of flat planes sprinkled with brothers and sisters in Christ. I could see them getting swarmed by shadows causing pain and affliction. In this attack it looked like they didn't know what was attacking them, just that they were getting attacked. Some were crying, others were trying to fight back, but the lack of knowledge stopped anyone from landing punches on the shadows around them.

All at once I saw a bright light begin to shine over them and the shadows tore apart and faded away. The land was immediately filled with green grass and a brightness to all the colors, I saw a multitude of my brothers and sisters rejoicing as they praised the Lord. With hands lifted high and songs of joy, I was overwhelmed with what God was doing!

I felt an urge to pray for God to extend this judgment. So I said, Lord extend this judgment and deliverance perpetually, immediately I saw a massive sword the size of a mountain fly down from heaven and pierce into the ground. As it stuck into the ground fire began to spew out, but it had the consistency of water. There was a minor shaking and the sword was slowely pulled out of the earth and as it was pulled out, lava and fire poured out with it. As this lava and fire spewed out, a bunch of the darkness and demonic spirits flee the region in terror.

Right after this vision ended, I was speechless. I couldn't put into words what I saw and I was still experiencing the joy of the Holy Spirit from witnessing the deliverance my brothers and sisters in Christ experienced. The Lord has revealed to me that what I witnessed was extremely prophetic, the deliverance on the body of Christ is soon to come and is inline with the prophetic word regarding the third Pentecost (details here).

Shortly after my prayer session, the Holy Spirit told me, "Expect retaliation". And the truth is that today has been very heavy with demonic attacks, attempts to curse me through witchcraft, and a few others. All efforts have fallen because Jesus is my shield and Shepard, reigning in the heavenly places with Christ gives you leverage!

I have nothing to say but praise Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Savior, creator of heaven and earth, praise Him!

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